Filmmaker Collaboration

I'm very interested in working with new and established filmmakers on soundtracks and theme songs.

If you have a project that my music might complement, contact me today. 

Film Projects

'Coming Home' Documentary

"Coming Home" is a feature length documentary following a selection of Irish emigrants on their journeys as they return to and depart from Ireland in search of a better life. The concept of home and what it means to different people is at the heart of this intimate portrayal of Irish emigrant life.

Coming Home Documentary - Conor Ebbs Clip from Cathal Kenna on Vimeo.

You can read more about it here:

I'm honoured to have two songs on the soundtrack.

'Dead Within' Short Film

Dead Within is a short film starring Niall Ebbs and Kaylnne Marie and directed by Cameron Thorne. It was shot in Minnesota.

My song 'Curtain Call' will feature along with original compositions by Gareth Ebbs of Stasis Sounds. It's a pleasure to be involved.

You can follow the Facebook page for the short here:

'Youth: A Short Film'

'Youth' is a 40 minute film reflecting the burdens and virtues of adolescence in this generation. Directed by Max Galassi and based in Newtown, Connecticut. 

Here is the trailer:

"Youth" Trailer from Max Galassi on Vimeo.

My song 'The Spell' is featured on the soundtrack. Thanks to Max. 

I'm honoured to be a part of these productions, and look forward to seeing them. Film is a great love of mine, so I hope I get to do more of this in future.